In 1997, the two business partners Daniele and Mauro founded the DM workshop, specialized in sheet metal processing. Their professionalism and reliability marked a path of gradual and solid growth, with the primary objective of quality to the full spectrum.

It was in this context that DM was structured, with the help of targeted technological investments, as well as competent and qualified personnel, in order to offer flexibility and punctuality.

The constant spirit of innovation, the continuous research of processes improvement aimed at the quality of the product, the entrepreneurial experience refined over the years, represent the added value of DM.

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DM snc
Via Pieve, 5 • Z.I. – 33080 Porcia (PN)
Italy • Tel. (+39) 0434 591162
Fax (+39) 0434 591826
P.I. 01329660938


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