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About Us

Our story begins in 1997 when the two business partners, Mauro and Daniele, founded the DM workshop in Porcia (Pordenone, Italy), specialising in sheet metal processing for third parties.

Human and financial commitment mark the path of constant growth for our company which enables us today to create integrated medium-light metalwork solutions that are used in different sectors, in Italy and abroad.

Thanks to structured workflows, constantly monitored on board the machine by highly specialised operators, each item we process is the result of a quest for excellence, capable of fulfilling even the most demanding orders, which require the metal components and the relative finishes to be of high quality.

The technical specialisation of our staff combines well with the well-organised logistics of our warehouse, through which the raw materials are coded so that they can be quickly traced.

We are a UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certified company, guaranteeing manufacturing quality and management that aims to constantly improve company standards and results.



Uur mission

"We give sheet metal personality, creating quality products"

This is the motto that has always accompanied our work and has allowed us, over time, to reach a high level of sheet-metal processing expertise, to create metal components of a very high quality standard.

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